A Matter of National Security Chapter 5

Olivia looked around as she walked through the Kotoka International Airport. She’d expected something worse. The place wasn’t as bad as the rumors said. Well, there were two reasons for that though. It had recently gone through some renovations. And Olivia wasn’t the average British black girl. She’d spent time in Congo, Nigeria and many … Continue reading A Matter of National Security Chapter 5


      CHAPTER SIXTEEN   "What was Shawn like when he was the Angel of death?" Mira asked. Jason lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling. He sat up and clasped his hands. "Well, I can't really give you a first-hand opinion. I haven't seen him in years", Jason admitted. "And yet you … Continue reading EXCERPT FROM THE CHOSEN: ANGEL OF DEATH


RAVEN Life is full of disappointments. Yet somehow, everyone thinks their lives will be the exception. When you're young, you look upon the future with so much hope. But when you've grown up you look at life with calm, reason and dread. Especially when you see the young ones coming up who haven't been beaten … Continue reading EXCERPT FROM THE CHOSEN: BATTLE LINES

A Matter Of National Security CHAPTER FOUR

CHAPTER FOUR Sophia Hesse walked up to Nana Ama. “You’re the one in charge here, right?” “Yes, Madame Vice President”, Nana Ama said. “Can you tell me, why I’m hearing details about the BNI’s investigation on radio stations all over the country? Speak slowly so that I don’t miss a word”, Sophia said. “We’re working … Continue reading A Matter Of National Security CHAPTER FOUR


The VC stood to his feet. He was a towering man of six feet four inches. “I’ve got parents, the board, journalists, everyone, breathing down my throat! What am I supposed to tell them?” he asked. Jonathan shrugged. “Answer me! What should I say to them? If you don’t have any worthwhile news for me-” “-I do”, Jonathan said. The Vice Chancellor froze. “What is it? What do you have?” “First you have to come down with me to the station”, Jonathan said. “What? Are you serious?” More BNI agents burst through the door. “You watch detective series, you know the whole speech. “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in court””, Jonathan said. “Are you placing me under arrest? For what?”


The Chosen is a pretty complicated story. It can go from looking like a pretty messy story, structure wise, to complicated, depending on which angle you approach it from. But for whoever attempts to read and understand the world of the Chosen, this will be undoubtedly helpful. However for those who haven’t attempted to read and hate spoilers, please do not attempt to read any further. At least not until you’ve been introduced to Nascar and Eva.