A Matter Of National Security CHAPTER FOUR


Sophia Hesse walked up to Nana Ama. “You’re the one in charge here, right?”

“Yes, Madame Vice President”, Nana Ama said.

“Can you tell me, why I’m hearing details about the BNI’s investigation on radio stations all over the country? Speak slowly so that I don’t miss a word”, Sophia said.

“We’re working on resolving the-”

“-Not good enough. Tell me, how long have you been in your current position?” the Vice President asked.

Nana Ama was hesitant to answer. “Five years”, she said finally.

“Handle this. Or I won’t hesitate to replace you as the head of BNI. Don’t think I’m going to treat you any different just because you’re a woman”, Sophia said.

“I wouldn’t expect you to”, Nana Ama said.

Sophia turned to Daniel. “And you, what are you doing?” she asked. “Shouldn’t you be on the field with the rest of them?”

“I’m helping the boss coordinate the information that comes in”, Daniel said.

“Right. And yet…” she paused. “Both of you, come with me, now.”


They sat in her car and she took them straight to her office.

Then they sat down.

“I’m going to fire our General if he doesn’t have a plan for me. I’m also waiting to hear how the IGP is planning on protecting citizens. We’ve all seen what’s happening in other countries”, Sophia said. “We can’t expect help from external forces.”

“Madame Vice President, we were wondering if we could investigate another angle”, Daniel began.

“And what angle would that be?” the Vice President asked, her voice rising.

“The possibility that it could be a politically motivated act”, Daniel said.

“Are you insinuating that someone in either the Government or opposition is behind this?” Sophia asked.

Daniel exhaled slowly. “Yes”, he said finally.

Sophia thought for a few seconds. “Fine. Investigate everyone. From the office of the Vice President, you have the power. However, don’t go arresting without very credible information. We’re going to have to issue a State of Emergency”, Sophia said. She stood up.

“Now if you excuse me, I have a speech to give”, she said. “You’ll see yourselves out, won’t you?”


Jonathan sat in the chair waiting for a tongue lashing from Nana Ama. But none came. She was quiet.

“You don’t need me to tell you how badly you messed up. Do you know how many times the President or Vice has visited the BNI? Or how many times, we’ve been on radio?”

“I’m sorry”, Jonathan said.

“Where did the tip come from?” Angie asked. Nana Ama gave her a look.

Jonathan scratched his head absentmindedly. “It was an audio recording, detailing things that only someone who planned the event should know”, he said.

“Ever heard of audio editing?” Daniel said sarcastically.

“Yeah, but who would go through so much trouble to frame the Vice Chancellor?” Jonathan asked

“I think the question you should ask yourself is, what reason the ‘VC’ could possibly have to get involved in something like this? Remember the three basic things; Motive, Means and Opportunity. What could his motive possibly be?” Nana Ama asked.

“Guys”, Kofi said. “The ‘bad guys’ released another video.”

Kofi put his Samsung Galaxy phone on the table.

There were three men, each with a rifle and someone tied and kneeling on the ground in front of them.

“We have some demands for the current government and we’re open to talks. For every hour, we’re met with silence one person will die”, the man in the black mask said.

A young woman was kneeling in front of him. “Starting with this one.” He grabbed her by the hair and brought the knife close to her throat. Then stopped. “Your one hour starts now.”

That was the end of the video.

“Don’t we have IT guys who can trace the IP address?” Nana Ama asked.

“I’ve called for some help from some IT guys. They should be here in half an hour. And the Minister of Defense is coming here. He already has his guys working on it too”, Jonathan said.

“Those guys aren’t serious about bargaining”, Nana Ama said. “They didn’t leave any means of contact, nor have they made any explicit demands. It’s just for show. They fully intend to kill those students.”

“How did you know they were students?” Daniel asked.

“I know the girl”, Nana Ama said. “And if she dies…”

“Who is she?” Daniel asked.

“She’s the Vice Chancellor’s niece”, Kofi said.

“How do you know?” Angie asked.

Daniel and Kofi exchanged looks. That was Kofi’s specialty. His head was a reservoir of facts, no matter how useful or useless. And he was right 99% of the time .

“So evidently this has something to do with the Vice Chancellor”, Nana Ama said. She looked at Jonathan, “where is he?”

“Right here”, he said walking into their office. “I will tell you everything I can. You’ve got to save my niece.”





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