Daniel stared at the television screen. Then looked at Nana Ama. Both were on mute.

“Well, I guess we now know why no one wants to help us”, Daniel finally said.

France and Germany had both suffered from national security threats. In Germany, a man had been caught with bombs in his house and in France… a man had collided head on with a bus full of kids.

“US will probably be martialing its defense forces. All developed countries will be on high alert. There’s no way we’re getting that help any time soon”, Nana Ama said.

She switched the channel to local tv. In five minutes the Vice President would give her speech.

“What if… What if…?”

“I know what you’re about to say Daniel, stop right there. Don’t even start down that path. God forbid, you’re even half-right”, Nana Ama said.

“Is it because it would be bad? Or because of the Politics involved?”


The Vice Chancellor of the University had his phones ringing nonstop. He was already in a heated discussion with the Chairwoman of the Board over his third phone.

“Yes? We’re cooperating with the Police and the BNI. We’ll let you know what happens-”

“-the BNI? The Police?”

“I know you may not have the highest faith in our forces but they can step up in-”

“Where are the soldiers? This is a national security threat!” said the voice on the other end.

“With all due respect, I do not have expertise in-”

“-Don’t give me that! Students are dead! You said you’re working with the police and BNI, aren’t they telling you anything? You should be on your way to visit the Vice-President!”

“Madam I-” the Vice hang up the phone. Then turned it off. He sighed.

He needed breathing room. He’d been inaugurated for less than a year and then this happened.

There was a knock on his door. His secretary walked in. “There’s someone here to see you, from BNI”, she said.

He nodded.

Jonathan walked in.

“Good you’re here. What’s the situation?” the Vice Chancellor asked.

“We can’t divulge any details yet”, Jonathan said.

The VC stood to his feet. He was a towering man of six feet four inches. “I’ve got parents, the board, journalists, everyone, breathing down my throat! What am I supposed to tell them?” he asked.

Jonathan shrugged.

“Answer me! What should I say to them? If you don’t have any worthwhile news for me-”

“-I do”, Jonathan said.

The Vice Chancellor froze. “What is it? What do you have?”

“First you have to come down with me to the station”, Jonathan said.

“What? Are you serious?”

More BNI agents burst through the door.

“You watch detective series, you know the whole speech. “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in court””, Jonathan said.

“Are you placing me under arrest? For what?”

“Well, you said you didn’t know what to tell your stakeholders. You won’t have to worry about that anymore once you’ve been taken into custody”, Jonathan said.

Cuffs were placed on his wrists.

“Evelyn!” the Vice Chancellor summoned his secretary. “Call my lawyer, now!”

Jonathan’s phone rang.

It was Daniel. “Are you with the Vice-Chancellor?” he asked.

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Release him, now!” Daniel said.

“Why, we got a tip…”

“Do it!” Nana Ama yelled. “And turn on the radio!”

Jonathan motioned for someone to turn on the radio. The Vice-President’s speech had been delayed. Instead this news item was all over the radio.

“Vice Chancellor arrested by BNI without due process.”

Jonathan hang up. “You…” he said looking at Nathan Otsre, the Vice-Chancellor, “You did something didn’t you?”

Daniel was tapping his pen against the desk. When two agents scrambled in.

“She’s here! She’s here!”

It took seconds for it to compute. But it was already too late. She was in the building and in the office.

They could hear the sound of her high heels getting closer.

“Can someone tell me, what the hell the BNI does around here?!!”

That was the voice of Sophia Hesse, the Vice President, acting President of Ghana. And she was pissed.



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