A Matter of National Security


Daniel Ahithophel Kojo Nyarko opened his eyes. It was another Monday morning. He forced himself out of bed. The first thing he did was go through his phone. He checked his email and social media accounts. No new messages. Then he got up. It was time to get ready for work.

The traffic that would meet him at circle if he didn’t leave by 6 would be…frustrating to say the least.

He got into the bathroom, brushed his teeth and bathed all at super speed. Then he got out and back into his room to dress.

It was then that his phone rang. It was his boss, Nana Ama.

He groaned and picked up. If she was calling at this time it couldn’t be good.

“There’s been a change of plans”, she said. Daniel grit his teeth at those words. This wasn’t good at all. He tried to restrain himself but…

“What happened?” he asked.

“Turn on your TV”, she said.

“I don’t have one”, he said.

“What?” she got over her shock in a hurry. “Okay, turn on your radio then. Shai, even BBC’s reporting it”, she said. She was half-Nigerian, which made her sometimes interject naija (Nigerian) terms in her speech.

Daniel frowned. Then he turned on the radio.

“Explosions were recorded coming from three distinct places. The Kwame Nkrumah Circle overhead, the University of Legon and…”

“And?” Daniel asked. The network suddenly began to produce white noise.

He took his smartphone and tried tuning in to any of the radio stations. Nothing. He cursed under his breath and went to BBC. He put on his suit and walked out the door.

“Today on May 18th The Republic Of Ghana suffered a terrorist attack…”


“Why would anyone want to attack us?” Daniel asked his boss at the BNI Headquarters.

Nana Ama frowned. She looked at Kofi. He was holding a Samsung tablet. “Show him the video”, she said.

“It’s still buffering”, Kofi said.

They all groaned. “The network can’t be-”

“-Hey everyone is online right now, trying to watch the same video. You know how slow the network gets when that happens? That’s the reason why I only use the net at night”, Kofi said.

Angie brought out her phone. “I’ve already downloaded the video”, she said.

They played it.

“This country has failed us. Our government has failed us, our religious leaders have failed us, Our schools have too.”

The man wore a black mask so that you could only see his eyes through the holes he’d make in the mask.

“So it’s time to make them sit up. We’re tired of begging for things which are our basic rights as Ghanaians. Proper health care and good education, jobs…but I digress. For every day the government refuses to take action someone will die. And the whole world will see it.”

A gmail appeared at the bottom of the screen.

Daniel run his hands through his hair.

“Whoever these guys are, we’re screwed”, Daniel said. “There’s no way, we’re prepared for something like-”

Someone rushed to Nana Ama and placed the phone on her ear. Everyone grew silent.

“Okay. Uh-huh. Yes, I understand.”

She hang up.

“We’ve got calls from the AU and the US. Both want to take action now”, she said.

Angie started to bite her nails. “C’est tres mauvais”, she said.

“What?” everyone else looked at her.

Angie had spent her childhood in a number of African francophone countries. So, sometimes she thought out loud in French. Unfortunately, none of her co-workers had anything remotely close to intermediate French proficiency.

“This is very bad”, she explained. In the past, she lectured them on how it was absolutely necessary to speak French. Today obviously wasn’t one of those.

“We need to catch these guys ourselves. Do you know how long this is going to take?” Daniel said.

Nana Ama shrugged. “My hands are tied. This goes above my head. Besides, it’s not like we can actually do anything. These powerful can jam all the radio stations at once.”

“We can still do some investigating. Kofi and I will go the University. Help those already on site. See if we can find anybody-”

“-There’s somebody on site?”

“Yeah. We need some people to stay here in case news comes in. So we’re going to replace Evelyn and Jonas. In case something comes up, you should probably stay here”, Angie looked at Nana Ama.


Daniel slumped into a chair.

As Kofi and Angie went out, Kofi said, “You know he’s right, right? Whatever happens next, we’re screwed.”

Even Angie, ever the optimist couldn’t disagree.



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