On Trump

I’ve been studying up on Trump recently. And yes, it’s because like a lot of people, I was shocked when he won. How could such a person who seemed to make so many mistakes during his campaign win? So like most other subjects, I began my research.

For one thing, Donald Trump is a liar. It’s well documented. He’s lied about everything from his net worth, to how many floors are in the Trump Tower. But unlike many others, he doesn’t care about it. Even when he’s blatantly caught in the act. In fact, he lies so much, that one wonders whether he’s actually started to believe his lies. Many have written books about Trump; Trump Nation, Art of the deal, Trump Revealed etc. And whilst I haven’t read them all, the one thing they agree on is that he’s a great promoter. He sold people on his real estate, he sold people on his net worth and he sold people on himself. His business skills may be suspect (He has a lot of debts and his COO doesn’t know what an organogram is). But his promotion skills are top tier.

The concern of many is that competence has now given way to showmanship. And becoming one of the most powerful people in the world based on that seems…ridiculous. Imagine Kim Kardashian running an entertainment company because she’s a celebrity. Trump invested in real estate and casinos. His last great real estate deal was Trump Tower of the 80s. And it is well documented that the business skills that made his casinos successful were skills he personally didn’t have. And then there’s his father of course. How many of us wouldn’t be successful if we had a millionaire father who would bail us out whenever a deal was going wrong?

My research on Trump isn’t complete as of yet and this is just a teaser. However… the reason why I’ve decided to undertake this task is because I believe Trump winning the US election isn’t an anomaly. It doesn’t just speak volumes about the US but about the world as a whole. And this doesn’t necessarily absolve Hillary of her own mishaps.

However it pays to ask the following questions; Do you have to be the loudest in the room to be noticed? Is Donald Trump’s victory a sign that the world is falling into chaos? Do certain people, as Donald believes, have the ‘greatness’ gene? And just how much does lying pay in dividends? After all, despite his many deceptions, people still believe him. And perhaps the most important question; Is Trump an anti-hero, a villain or just a really lucky fool?



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