Thor: Ragnarok is coming out this year, and though I’ve never been a fan of Marvel Thor, I’ve been a fan of mythology. So I realized I was in need of a refresher course when in a WhatsApp group I joined everyone but myself seemed to know what ‘Ragnarok’ meant.
Well, ok, I’m more of a fan of Greek mythology. And who else thinks the Romans ripped everything straight from the Greeks? The only names I really was familiar with were Loki and Thor.
Anyway I decided to pick up a book on Norse myths. And then I found the gospel of Loki. The history of the gods from creation to destruction told…from Loki’s perspective.
Who doesn’t love a bad boy? Batman, Lelouch, Christian Grey, Israel, the list goes on. So I knew the story was going to be intriguing. And I’m pleased to say it’s one of the best fictional books I’ve read in ages.
For someone like myself who’s new to Norse myth it might be more exciting. Loki is the father of lies so you get the idea that he’s lying about the course of certain events. But he’s just so good you’re not sure which parts exactly.
He claims to be singlehandedly responsible for Freya’s escapade, along with almost every other happening involving the gods. And he’s also plotting the fall of the gods because he feels betrayed by Odin and everyone else. I’m not entirely sure how Odin is portrayed in actual mythology, but in this story, he’s a sly, conniving, scheming man.
And then there’s Utgard-Loki, the trickster who outsmarts Loki himself.
The fact that Norse gods aren’t immortal also adds more believability to the story. And then there’s Loki’s origin story and why he’s seen as a demon.
Whilst I will admit I’m not yet done with it, the gospel of Loki, combines what seems like a family saga with fantasy. It’s a contemporary retelling of ancient myths and definitely worth a read.


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